The Origin of Life


Panspermia is the theory that life is ubiquitous in the universe, and that planetary life most frequently arises from seeds from previous living organisms.

It was championed by Fred Hoyle and Chandra Wickramasinghe in several popular books.

Brig Klyce seems to be the most prominent modern proponent.

Panspermia is a theory of the origin of life on Earth.

The Crystalline ancestry theory concerns abiogenesis - the origin of life from inorganic precursors.

We are agnostic about panspermia - it does not attempt to address the question of abiogenesis, and does not conflict with theories that do.

However, from the perspective of most abiogenesis theorists, panspermia is an inconvenience - since it casts doubt on what little information we do know about the conditions of the first living organisms - and destroys any chance that fossils from near the event might remain. |